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Adults Thai Beginners

6.15 - 7.15pm - Wednesday and Friday

Muay Thai is a traditional combat sport that utilises punches, knees, elbows, kicks, in addition to grappling and clinching techniques, and is well-known for being one of the most effective striking martial art forms.

Whether you are joining to develop your fitness, learn techniques which can be used for self-defence or have an ambition to compete, our beginner classes are designed to support students with their first steps into Muay Thai. We recommend that new students attend the beginners class in order to learn and develop fundamental techniques, before joining the mixed or advanced classes.

Our training sessions begin with a cardiovascular warm-up to get the blood flowing and will include dynamic stretching to activate the muscles and blood flow. Foundation skills, such as footwork, guard and strikes are coached, which can then be practised with pad and partner work. Coaches regularly like to add some fun to the end of the sessions with exercise, movement and mobility challenges, before finishing up with a cool down. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face!

We are much more than a martial arts club - we are a family!

Situated in the heart of Honiton, our team aim to provide our community and the South West with the finest Martial Arts we can offer whether students intend to improve their fitness and mental health, or to compete at the highest level. Our gym is a no nonsense environment which nurtures growth, discipline and respect for all ages and abilities.


Club Uniform

Thai shorts and T-shirt are avilable here.


We offer a non-contractual membership for Children (4-18 yrs old) of £30.00 per month. We also offer discounts for additional children as well as family packages, please enquire for more details.

We offer a FREE TRIAL taster session -

Twin Tigers Honiton Twin Tigers Honiton Twin Tigers Honiton
Twin Tigers Honiton Twin Tigers Honiton Twin Tigers Honiton

Our Responsibilities/Safeguarding

Despite training in and teaching martial arts – involving physical contact – our role as teachers and instructors is to guide you through this training in the safest possible way. Different protective equipment is required at different stages. This is available on site and all training involving hard contact is conducted under the supervision of an instructor or senior student. The aim is to avoid injury as much as possible and to maintain a safe & respectful atmosphere in the club. The club and its instructors are insured against injury, providing reassurance in the event of any accidents.

Twin Tigers aims to be a safe space for children and adults. In the childrens classes any contact is strictly supervised with no hits to the head allowed. Again the choice of whether to spar with other children is up to the children once the coach feels they are ready. No one is forced into sparring and safety is our greatest concern. As children graduate to the adults classes they will be invited to try the adults classes to get an idea of the step up in training. This transition is closely monitored by the coaches to ensure the safety of the children as they move up to training with adults.

Similarly in the adults class no one is forced to spar if they don’t want. And all members must show they are able to spar with people of all different skills and sizes. Sparring is about controlled aggression. The level of contact is constantly being monitored by the coaches to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in their training.

The coaches are here to help and support your training. We aim to be approachable and helpful so that you can get everything you want from your time at Twin Tigers.

Kate Quick
Kate Quick Safeguarding Lead Officer